Golden Runner - Lode Runner

How to play guide for everyone

How to Play

YouTube - Golden Runner

1. The Controls

Golden Runner
  1. You control the Golden Runner.
  2. Move right, left, up and down with the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  3. You can use the ladder and the rope.
  4. You can dig holes in bricks by pressing
    key "z" - to dig left and key "x" - to dig right.

2. Your Mission

  1. You have to collect all the gold.
  2. After collecting all the gold, a new ladder will appear. Climb up to the top and try beat the next level.
  3. Sometimes the bad guys take the gold. But you have to collect all the gold.
  4. Don't let the bad guys catch you.

3. The Bad Guys

Bad Guy
  1. They are the bad guys.
  2. They will try to catch you.
  3. Also, they will try to get your gold.
  4. And the most important - when trapped, you can walk over them.

Now play Golden Runner - Lode Runner and have fun!