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Lode Runner - play the game. Golden highscore: 15649 by taku. Silver highscore: 40028 by Hans.

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Lode Runner and the remake Golden Runner

Welcome to the place where you can play lode runner's remake for free. If you have played lode runner, you will notice that Golden Runner is slightly different, but of course in general it looks and feels like lode runner a lot! Golden Runner don't have any unnecessary controls, abilities or extras because the original game is just great! Now, make sure you have enough free time and have fun.

Where to begin from?

If you haven't played the game lode runner or some of its thousands versions, it would be a wise idea to check out what is your aim in our short how to play tutorial. Otherwise just check the game controls (listed above), enter your name (alias), hit the big orange play button and enjoy! I hope you like the game - I love it! I love the original lode runner too - just a great game!

Lode Runner - a personal story from a stranger

When I was a kid the computers were something rare and extraordinary. They were some kind of magic boxes containing the most interesting thing I'd ever seen - the computer games. Those days lode runner, digger, tetris, etc. were magic words. But of course, my access to these rare magic boxes was very limited. What a pity... But this is a long boring story, so go collect some gold.

Golden Runner - the game in my eyes

When i decided to create a remake of lode runner, I hadn't played the original game for quite some time, so I created the game in a way that was in my memories. The result is one not so bad game, so I think it's not a shame to call it another version of lode runner. I decided to call it Golden Runner and here it is. If you want to learn more check out the FAQ section. See ya. Have fun!

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Lode Runner - interesting facts about the original game

The enemy AI in Lode Runner has a strange algorithm and sometimes the guards go away from the player which makes the game interesting. The price of the original Lode Runner back in 1983 was $34.95, the game required 64k of RAM, a disk drive and optionally a joystick. I'm sure that almost every version of Lode Runner can be found on the Internet, and can be played using a virtualization software.

Golden Runner - information for the online game update

The AI in Golden Runner has some random elements, but overall the enemies always tries to catch the gold or the player if they 'see' it. The hardest thing in creation of Golden Runner was to think up the dummy text needed for the search engines to recognize the game. The creator of Golden Runner (i.e. me) has never studied programming and the creation the game was pretty big challenge for him.